Business3i delivers high quality, creative, and thoughtful guidance and expertise. We help business owners review strategic alternatives, evaluate innovative solutions, and fix underperformance. Our approach is to work hand in hand with top management to identify analyze and understand challenges and opportunities, improve current processes, people and product offerings and implement custom-tailored actionable solutions for immediate growth. Business3i is your partner to achieve your goals and business vision.

Business3i combines significant industry knowledge and actual execution experience to deliver premium value to our clients. We serve entrepreneurs, small business and emerging growth businesses in the areas of business launch, strategic growth, value building, corporate restructuring, product launch, operational improvement, brand building, project management and exit planning. Our comprehensive suite of services allows us to be your long-term partner as you grow and evolve your business. 


Business3i specializes in small business and emerging growth companies.  Our typical clients are established businesses with $1 to 10 million in annual revenue, however we also have select clients who are entrepreneurs with a compelling value proposition and ongoing businesses with less than $1 million in revenue who demonstrate a commitment to growth. We also work with professional service firms such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians and other professionals who operate lucrative small and solo professional practices. 

We work across a wide range of industries to increase business value and generate success. Our most common successes are achieved when we can solve a problem, add a revenue channel, implement a strategy and increase value for a business and its owners. 


Optimizing the value of your business is critically important whether you are attempting to accelerate business growth,  preparing to launch a new product or service, seeking a strategic combination or looking to exit your business. Often business owners will leave millions of dollars of unrealized potential off the table because they failed to take the necessary steps to create and maximize real business value. 

Business3i can assist you in value optimization in a manner designed to attract investors and maximize potential by identifying risk and implementing internal controls, developing and training key employees, creating strategies to protect market share and competitiveness, implementing process improvements and automation, anticipating, eliminating and mitigating legal issues and due diligence red flags, and developing a sound business profile in order to boost valuation, improve profitability metrics and create predictability of future revenue. 


As the average age of business owners continues to grow, the need for sophisticated business advice, management assistance and proven ability to execute becomes critical. Business3i brings rapid assistance in the form of experienced professionals who can provide guidance to address all manner of business transaction, strategic growth and advisory scenarios. 

We specialize in navigating business owners through the complicated and time-consuming process of evaluating exit scenarios and growth alternatives, preparing organizations for sale, acquiring other businesses and securing capital to achieve these goals. As a key differentiator, we not only assist in the M&A process but we will actively participate in optimizing the value of the transaction and assist with the integration and/or transition in a hands on collaborative way. 


In today’s economy, a financial crisis can arrive rapidly, causing extreme stress for business owners, creditors and investors. Business3i offers calm, experienced assistance to help our clients move past financial distress and chart a productive path forward. Our professionals work alongside company management to develop and execute a comprehensive plan, and provide advice on various aspects of business restructuring, business preservation and business growth. 

Business3i helps stabilize financial and operational performance by building and implementing profitability and efficiency best practices, providing supplemental and interim management support, negotiating solutions with creditors and investors and accessing third party capital as necessary. 


Often the key to increasing sales, increasing competitiveness and increasing consumer awareness is refining your business image. Market changes, shifts in consumer preferences and new competition may demand that your business make equal and appropriate changes to increase or maintain market position or to avoid losing ground in an ever-changing market. 

Business3i has significant experience conducting competitive market research, customer feedback analysis and industry trends to develop an effective branding and image strategy that can include one or more of the following elements, business name, logo and image design, corporate communication and messaging, public relations strategy, web refresh and web design, facility changes, retail refresh, office décor, signage and even business alliances, sponsorships and endorsements.  


Often times your business needs extra skills and a steady hand to take day-to-day ownership of mission critical projects while the existing executives manage the business. Implementing complex business initiatives can be taxing on the executive management of a business and an outside knowledgeable professional is often a catalyst for successful project completion. Whether your firm is implementing a complex business software, developing a new market channel, reorganizing business silos, or staffing and retraining to fuel new growth, a dedicated project manager can provide dependable oversight, proven leadership and timely reporting to the business stakeholders.    

Business3i is a professional consulting firm with knowledge and experience in assisting organizations to improve their business by managing, implement and delivering project results. We provide the necessary leadership to enable mission critical projects and programs to accelerate the completion of complex business initiatives without impacting or distracting the core business organization.  


Planned or unexpected executive turnover, unexpected short or long term absences, the pursuit of strategic initiatives and other fast moving business situations may require the insertion of interim leadership on a short term basis. Business3i can provide needed executive guidance and assure stability during transitional periods. General management, financial management, sales and business development or nuts-and-bolts operations management, our team will bring boots on the ground to provide stability, develop an interim accountability plan and clear reporting structure and keep the business running or supplement existing leadership at critical moments. 


  • Launching / re-launching a line of business or product 
  • Mission critical systems implementations 
  • Vendor / systems analysis, vetting and selection 
  • Redesign ecommerce systems / websites 
  • Staffing and Training for new functions 
  • Cost realignment / balance sheet optimization 
  • Capital Fundraising 
  • M&A due diligence 
  • Post-transaction merger integration 
  • Corporate restructuring and recapitalization
  • Securing Growth Capital 
  • Exiting a line of business 
  • Enterprise-wide technology refresh 
  • Transformed traditional manufacturer/wholesaler to direct to consumer omnichannel ecommerce 
  • International market expansion 
  • International business presence expansion 
  • Interim CEO, COO, CTO, CIO
  • Interim General Counsel (provided through elliott.law)